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What will be the top 10 drivers of world class communities and how will our region stack up?

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How can we leverage our status as the “Capital” region?

Rafting on the urban James River

“For the second year in a row, all nine localities agreed on a list of priorities for action in Congress and the General Assembly ... Regional unity exists in Richmond.”

Tom Silvestri Richmond Times-Dispatch

Fort Lee

How can the region use the remarkable growth at Fort Lee as a catalyst for economic development?

Carpenter Theatre

How can our strong arts & culture community best enhance our region?


There is a growing acceptance and usage of "RVA" to describe the region. Does it work?

Gene Trani

“We are all about looking, thinking and planning ahead, for Richmond’s future in 2030.”

Dr. Eugene TraniFounder, Richmond’s Future

Looking, Thinking and Planning Ahead

Richmond's Future is an independent think tank focused on the future of the RVA region. We are a key resource for communities, organizations, companies and citizens who are actively planning for the long-term future.

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We're working on...

Assessing the Region

At issue: How does the Richmond region stack up to other, similar-sized regions? What do the numbers tell us?

The YRVA Project

Young RVAers on smart phones

Read the Executive Summary of the YRVA Study, a comprehensive marketing research initiative designed to identify how the Richmond Region (RVA) can attract and retain more young professionals.

We're supporting the Collaborative's effort to engage the public in identifying and implementing regional priorities that will improve quality of life across the RVA Region.