Editorial:  Richmond’s Future

Richmond Times-Dispatch Published December 3, 2016

The future is, almost by definition, a mystery to us mortals. And yet it can be far less mysterious if sound research, reasoned imagination and hard thinking are devoted to understanding the changes, challenges and opportunities that roam just beyond the horizon. That’s exactly the kind of work that’s been performed since 2011 by Richmond’s Future, a diverse and dedicated effort to investigate, intuit and illuminate how Richmond became Richmond — and to recommend paths forward that can build on RVA’s strengths and attack its weaknesses.

Ably led by VCU President Emeritus Eugene Trani, Richmond’s Future can accurately be described as a community effort with biases only toward original ideas, meaningful data, and clear thinking that can help the Richmond Region take positive, realistic steps forward that benefit all of us.

Tonight, at the 61st RTD Public Square, you’ll hear about Richmond Future’s findings and you’ll have a chance to add your thoughts. The organization’s final report will be influenced by reactions and suggestions from tonight’s audience. This special two-hour Public Square begins at 6 p.m. at the Times-Dispatch building, 300 E. Franklin Street. We invite your ideas.